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Why SERVPRO of Kailua is the Best Restoration Company for Your Commercial Business

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

The outside of T-Mobile store Since working with T-Mobile located in Kaneohe, T-Mobile has chosen to use SERVPRO of Kailua as their 1st contact when dealing with restoration.

T-Mobile Chooses SERVPRO of Kailua as Their #1 Contact for Restoration Services

Do not rely on us to tell you who is the best restoration company for your commercial business in Kaneohe, listen to companies who have chosen SERVPRO as their preferred restoration company. Relationships with big-name companies such as T-Mobile are great showcases of why SERVPRO is the best restoration company. 

November 22, 2017, the day before Thanksgiving, SERVPRO received a call. T-Mobile’s location in Kaneohe had been affected by large amounts of microbial growth, or fungi, that put T-Mobile customers at risk. The timing of this microbial growth was uncanny; just before Black Friday, the fungi were found. Losing operation during this holiday could be detrimental for business.T-Mobile called, and relayed all information to SERVPRO of Kailua. Our team reported on sight only a few hours after receiving the call. SERVPRO worked day in and day out, calling in our SERVPRO team members to assess all microbial growth throughout the Thanksgiving Holiday. All the fungi were treated and T-Mobile was back in business for the holiday season. T-Mobile was so pleased with the quality, and timely manner of SERVPRO’s work, T-Mobile decided to choose SERVPRO of Kailua as their #1 contact when dealing with the need for any restoration services. Since choosing SERVPRO of Kailua as their #1 contact, our Kailua team has since worked on 9 T-Mobile stores on Oahu and 2 T-Mobile stores on the island of Maui. 

SERVPRO of Kailua, located on the island of Oahu, has sent our team and equipment to the island of Maui not only twice. We have sent our team by plane to the island of Maui with over 10 trips. In restoration, it is essential that the progress of all work is checked on daily. We are aware of those dealing with any damage, and we, the team of SERVPRO of Kailua, provide the best service to your commercial business.

With immediate action, SERVPRO of Kailua proves time and time again that our team is beyond qualified to help get your team back on schedule in your commercial business. We report and check on the progress of treatment daily despite the day, or time of the year. If you experience damage to your commercial business, call SERVPRO of Kailua to get your business up and running as fast as possible. We are SERVPRO work so that you can enjoy your holiday and take comfort in knowing your business is in the best hands.

If your business has experienced any water, fire, mold, or storm damage call our SERVPRO team (808)-235-5015 today for an inspection.

Brush Fires on Oahu are Real Threats to Local Homes and Businesses

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

Brush fire envelopes tree in Hawaii Brush fires can grow immensely and cause great damaged to Hawaii communities.

Brush Fires are A Common Cause of Fire Damage in Homes and Businesses

Though Oahu is 597 square miles, we have varying climates depending on which side of the island you are on. On the North and East side there are  West side there tends to be the drier climates. On this drier side it is much easier for possible brush fires to occur. With this as an added influence on the likelihood of fires to occur it is not uncommon to hear about devastating fires and the damage done to local homes and businesses. To prevent such brush fires read the tips below!

How to Prevent Brush Fires

  1. Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  2. To burn trash, do so in a metal container. But only after you have cleared the surrounding area. Make sure you aren't near overhanging branches or bushes.
  3. Never leave a fire unattended.
  4. Never throw cigarette butts out your vehicle window.
  5. Install spark arresters on small engines and equipment.
  6. Weld only in a shop building or a cleared area.
  7. If your car has a catalytic converter, keep it off dry grass and away from brush.
  8. Report any suspicious or out of place persons or vehicles that you think might be maliciously starting fires.

Thank you for your contributions and efforts to prevent wildfires in Hawaii. 

If you have suffered from fire damage in your home, call our team at SERVPRO (808)235-5015. We specialize in restoration and reconstruction services for fire damage, mold, and storms. Call today for an inspection.

What Storm Damage Will Your Insurance Cover for Your Kokokahi Home or Business

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding on Oahu Street Flooding damages in your home may not all be covered by your insurance. Take precautions and call your insurance to find out what damages they cover.

Take the Proper Steps to Know What Your Insurance Will Cover After a Storm

In the state of Hawaii, flooding is not uncommon. Due to our rainy season, November to March, taking up almost half a year flooding and storm damage is fairly common for local Kokokahi homes and businesses. Many residents of Hawaii find themselves stuck in financial hardship when covering the costs of flood damage. The steps many property owners forget to take are inquiring from your insurance company of their flooding coverage.

Most insurance companies do not cover flooding damage when the water runs into a home from outside. This means if any rushing or flooding water outside were to enter your home through a door, window, or crack the insurance will not cover the damages. Call and check with your insurance company to inquire what damages they will cover. In the case, your insurance will not cover these damages take comfort in knowing there are steps you can take to prevent your home from suffering from flood damages. Have your home prepared with sandbags, and a sump pump to prevent water from entering your home. Also, be sure to keep on maintenance in your home to prevent possible situations your insurance won’t cover. 

Do not look past a small leak coming from your ceiling. Keep the maintenance of your home up-kept throughout the year. Insurance companies will decline to pay for storm damages if your home has had ongoing issues you did not take care of that cause damage to your home or business.

Check with your property and contact your insurance company to make certain you are prepared and aware of what needs to be done if your property is in danger of flooding.

If you have been hit by a storm call SERVPRO at (808)235-5015. We specialize in restoration and reconstruction services for fire damage, mold, and storms. Call today for an inspection.

Fires and Rainstorms Can Cause Great Damages to Your Waianae Home; Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Home

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Landslide from hurricane Such landslides can put your home at risk of storm damage!

Storms Don't Hold Back, Neither Should You

Wildfires and general erosion patterns are notable influences on the rates of storm damage; the effects of the heat, and rains on the Island of Oahu. With an increase of intense UV rays in the past years, there has been a higher number of reported fires. Not only has the heat brought damage to many Waianae homes, but there is also always damages brought on by rainstorms. Your property might be vulnerable, and our team is ready to help.

When potential threats of not only rainwater flooding but also great amounts of dirt rushing towards or invading your home choose the best restoration company for your home. SERVPRO, with highly-qualified crews and state of the art equipment, is the first choice of homeowners who have suffered storm damage. 

From shoveling debris, extracting water, removal of hazardous material, cleaning, drying, disinfecting, and restoring your home SERVPRO can do it all. Our team is IICRC certified and each team member has well qualifications and the best training to ensure the fastest recovery time for all storm damage.

If you have been hit by a storm call SERVPRO at (808)235-5015. We specialize in restoration and reconstruction services for fire damage, mold, and storms. Call today for an inspection.

Fires Bring Great Concern to Home Owners

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Flames of a Fire Fires are no joke, smoke, soot, and odor require meticulous attention for the best restoration.

SERVPRO of Kailua Can Assist in Addressing Concerns of Fire Damage in Your Waialua Home

After experiencing fire damage to your Waialua home, there are many unanticipated concerns. Determining what foods are safe to keep or how to get that strong smoke odor out of your home are only a couple of many concerns however, both require extensive care.

Our SERVPRO team can help go through and determine what foods have been contaminated and are no longer suitable for consumption. Foods that are exposed to air, even by the slightest cracks can become covered by soot and become odorous. After checking each and every food item our team can discern and dispose of all foods that may have gone bad during the fire.

In reassuring the odorous smell of smoke is removed from your home our team has many tools and resources in providing the greatest care in restoring your home. We sweep through your home top to bottom, cleaning every and all surface exposed to smoke or soot.

Our team here at SERVPRO of Kailua is thorough and meticulous in ensuring your fire damaged home is restored.

 If you have suffered from fire damage in your home, call our team at SERVPRO (808)235-5015. We specialize in restoration and reconstruction services for fire damage, mold, and storms. Call today for an inspection.

SERVPRO of Kailua is the Best Restoration Company Because of Our Owners

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Glenna Maras left - Andy Maras right SERVPRO of Kailua owners: Glenna, and Andy Maras.

What Make SERVPRO of Kailua the best?

SERVPRO has national recognition, we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. However, we are not only successful in satisfying customer expectations because of our national training. SERVPRO of Kailua is particularly efficient due to the high standards our Franchise owners, Andy, and Glenna Maras, hold us to. 

Andy Maras has been in the construction industry for over 20 years.  His knowledge, skill, and training can be attributed to his drive, work ethic, and compassion; all of which he expects his staff to practice. In building the franchise SERVPRO of Kailua and reporting to customers homes alongside his staff Andy has ensured the proper training, and greatest customer service and satisfaction. 

Glenna Maras, a mother of 5 and cleaning expert is family-oriented and diligent in paying attention to client homes in detail. Ask any crew member who has been out to a job with Glenna, she will check, double, and triple check all work done to the cleaning of each paper clip to make certain your home is restored with the uttermost care and expertise. 

SERVPRO of Kailua is and has been built, and supported by our owners Andy and Glenna Maras who consistently look for improvement and aim for nothing less than the best. Do not rely on sub-par restoration companies to restore your home. SERVPRO of Kailua will restore your home in case of water, fire, mold, storm or commercial damage with nothing but the greatest care.

If your business has experienced any water, fire, mold, or storm damage call our SERVPRO team (808)-235-5015 today for an inspection.

Threats of a "Simple" Sink or Tub Overflow May Be Larger Than You Expect

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water overflowing from sink Be safe and protect your Kaneohe home from potential water-related damages and call SERVPRO of Kailua immediately.

Water Overflows May Seem Minor

A sink or tub overflow may seem like an issue you can solve yourself but in failure of having professionals check or assess the water damage in your Kaneohe home that overflow may cause unforeseen damage to your home. Water can travel through surfaces, including cracks in tile, or unsealed grout lines causing further water spread in new areas; potentially posing new threats as the perfect breeding ground for fungi. Our team is trained and certified to assess water overflow and detect any moisture of traveling water using thermal imaging cameras, and moisture meters. Once all water has been extracted, your home calls for an assessment from our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT). Technicians will repeatedly check moisture levels in your home throughout the restoration process to ensure the fastest recovery possible.

Once all water damage has been assessed SERVPRO of Kailua is certified to rebuild any damages to your home. Ensuring not only the threat of water is removed but your home is rebuilt without having to consult outside construction companies, making your circle for repairs much smaller and simpler. The smaller your circle the easier and faster repairs to your home can be rebuilt.

For your convenience call SERVPRO of Kailua for all water damage in your home at (808)-235-5015

Fast Service and Customer Satisfaction Focus: Why SERVPRO Delivers High-Quality Disaster Recovery in Ewa Beach

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Kailua Team including franchise owners SERVPRO provides the greatest customer service in water, fire, mold, storm, and commercial damage restoration.

No Matter the Damage SERVPRO is the Restoration Company for your Ewa Beach Business

With an average online rating of 4.96 and continuous positive feedback from our customers, our SERVPRO team brings satisfaction to our customers. Seeing your Ewa Beach commercial business restored after a disaster brings back the sweet smell of successful business flow. Despite the damage type; water, fire, mold, storm, or commercial SERVPRO of Kailua is readily equipped and consistently lives up to our mission of making any damage “Like it never even happened.” Our SERVPRO team is IICRC certified and receive continuous training.

We specialize in:

Water Damage

Here at SERVPRO, we have the highest standard tools and resources to assess and restore all water damage to your Ewa Beach business. To read and find all water damages we have thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. We use water extraction pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers to make certain all trace of water is removed and your business is restored.

Fire Damage

In recovering your business from fire or smoke damage SERVPRO has extensive lists of resources used to deodorize. Such resources may include but are not limited to Dry Cleaning Sponges, SERVPRO brand cleaning solutions including SERVPRO Green, Firestar, Wall-n-All the list goes on and on. 

Storm Damage

If there has been storm damage to your Ewa Beach business, whether it be a wildfire, a falling tree, or intruding water SERVPRO restoration professionals have the knowledge, skill, and tools to restore your business. 

Mold Remediation

Fungi or Microbial growth no matter the cause needs to be addressed and resolved. Mold in your Ewa Beach business could cause many health issues for employees, staff, and customers. SERVPRO of Kailua is well trained and able to assess all mold damage even to the level of remediation. We can determine the cause of the mold and cut it off at the source.

The service provided by SERVPRO is kind, considerate, and compassionate. We strive to ensure your business is treated with the utter-most care to ensure the fastest and greatest quality service on-island. 

If your business has experienced any water, fire, mold, or storm damage call our SERVPRO team (808)-235-5015 today for an inspection.

Professional Water Damage Remediation Services In Pearl City Area

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

Wooden flooring bubbling up due to neglected water damage Water seeped into wooden flooring and caused the flooring to bubble and crack.

Do not push water damage aside in your Pearl City Home

Water Damage can and will worsen with neglect. Pushing water-related issues out of mind will not repair the damage and will drastically worsen with time. Do not wait! Sitting water will seep into walls, cabinets, and furniture causing the damage to worsen and pose new threats in supporting mold growth. Ensure any water damage does not worsen through neglect, take the needed steps to care for your home.

Per Say a refrigerator in your Pearl City kitchen was to have a “small” leak and a simple solution would be to place a towel on the ground to catch leaking water. Temporary or quick fixes may seem effective in taking care of seemingly small issues, but if the issue is not treated by professionals immediately, the issue will worsen over time and possibly result in greater damage, causing higher costs down the road. With repeated exposure to moisture, the risk of water damage and the potential of fungi growth increases. There is also the possibility the leak may worsen and the flooring or cabinets are then at significantly higher risk of bubbling or cracking due to the repeated exposure of water.

SERVPRO has a national reputation of being Faster to Any Size Disaster. We are timely to your disaster and efficient throughout the restoration of your property. With 24/7 availability you can call SERVPRO of Kailua any time of day!

If you are threatened by water damage, call SERVPRO of Kailua at (808) 235-5015.

SERVPRO is the Number One Choice for Water Removal

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water rushing from kitchen appliance flooding kitchen floor. SERVPRO of Kailua is prompt and well equipped in dealing with all water damage.

Chose the Best Restoration Company for Water Damage in your Mililani Home or Business

When dealing with water damage, whether it be in a home or business, the chosen restoration company will determine many key factors in the recovery process. Such factors may include the length of recovery time, new possible issues that may arise throughout the process, and the final outcome of restoration. There are so many aspects to pay attention to when determining who to choose to restore your Mililani home or business.  Rest assured! SERVPRO of Kailua is qualified and efficient in dealing with water damage in your Mililani home or business

As professionals, each member of our SERVPRO team is trained and well equipped to deal with all possible issues that may arise. We are prompt and knowledgeable, and ready to help with expertise in water restoration.

If you are threatened by water damage, call SERVPRO of Kailua at (808) 235-5015.